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"Receive the unconditional love of the mighty

 Violet Flame"

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Violet Flame & Teachings

To better comprehend how to raise your kundalini energy. Referring to the ancient Vedic and Yogic Teaching but actualising them in a modern, simple and fluent conceptualisation.

The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation. The use of this spiritual energy is taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain  to accelerate ones spiritual development. 


Awakening Coaching

Do tell me, what is going on in your life? And allow me to motivate and inform you on what an "Awakening" is, how might it be the better way to pursue it in a serene state of mind, with full understanding of its needs and thus a pretty healthy and joyful life.​

 With loving kindness I will help you to ignite your awakening process and/or will navigate you through the "transition process" toward a well established new vibratory state of your consciousness. If you notice all the time the  so-called master number: 11:11 and similar. That is to you, also!


Direct Energy Transmission

​Let's focus on the present moment and invoke and receive the direct energy transmission coming from the Beloved Master Saint Germain and flowing through my heart and yours. Among its benefits:


  • Helps improve many aspects of your life

  • Helps you to see your mission in life

  • Aligns you to your true Self

  • Brings balance and harmony to your being

  • Opens and activates you chakras

  • Balances your meridians and energy pathways

  • Resolves imbalances and karmic energy that needs to be resolved

  • Releases old karma and attachments

  • Offers guidance for your life

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The Order

of the

Violet Ray

As introduced in the book: the Invocation by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

"To know, to dare, to accomplish, and to be silent."


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Image by carole smile

My Life in service with Saint Germain

Chapter 1

I felt a trembling, a slight electric jolt into my chest.  "Here I AM !", an inner voice by now familiar warned me.  At the same time, I felt enveloped by an electrifying and all-encompassing Presence. The beating of my heart increased dramatically, and a sense of euphoria mixed with power and clarity was revealing itself in me.

I was in Rome in the elegant and luxurious office of the Chief of Staff in an ancient building where the most important political figure of the nation resided.  Sitting comfortably in a colorful leather armchair, and in front of me they were talking: the important Officer we had come to meet and Francesca, my dear "spiritual" friend and established professional in the world of business education.

"Now talk! ", pressed the Master's voice with a sense of urgency, but I could not utter a word.  In fact, the whirlwind of emotions and sensations that had assailed me freshly was so intense and somewhat new, given its intensity, that I was dazed and unable to completely dominate myself; I remained silent.

"Talk, talk!", but still the conversation between the two before me continued unabated, and I myself hesitated again, wondering what I should say.  I was frozen inside myself, waiting for the moment of silence to be able to intervene.  What probably stopped me was mostly a sense of shame in not wanting to show the state of exalted grace I was in.

Then suddenly, from the back of the office, Laura, a top manager who had accompanied us in this meeting, broke into the conversation, giving me the opportunity to intervene and take action.  Deo Gratias, I spoke! The words flowed like a river in flood.  I had them in mind all previously recorded; they were already available, already conceived by me in the previous days, already elaborated in my mind.
It was necessary to form a new political ruling class and of officials.  One had to prepare them for integrity and direct them toward becoming aware of themselves.  To do this there was the need to undertake a path of self-awareness that required a direct experience and several successive stages that would have gradually harmonized the apparent dichotomies of their thinking and would have assisted them in becoming real, efficient, and satisfied servants of the homeland and of the people.

It was necessary for this to take place in the form of a training course, and Francesca, sitting in front of me, was the person able to carry out this mission.  Everything was about opening the eyes of this important Official and sowing a precious seed of knowledge that could allow this possibility in the near future.

"Enough; that's fine.", the voice told me. "The rest of the energy is for you.".  "That's for my own healing", I thought, as I felt ecstatic.

The Master's Energy was there; it seemed to fill the room with its high vaults richly adorned with golden stuccoes, and even in moments of silence a sense of majestic presence and loving intelligence was projected into me and through me upon all those present and, especially, towards the institutional Officer.

He was an excellent man in every respect.  "The Master chose well.", I thought to myself in observing him.  Sitting cross-legged with a sophisticated composure that exuded confidence and elegance, he conversed amiably about philosophy and ethics, quoting the great names of the past, such as Maritain, Plato, Heidegger.  And, at the same time, he waved the ankle of the crossed leg rhythmically and flexibly as if to accompany his speech with the body to give greater emphasis to what he was saying.

His hands, with his fingers slightly crossed, were always in plain sight, as if to show that he had nothing to hide; he was a clean, true man.

He looked at me smiling as I, taken by all that spiritual energy, had my eyes slightly out of focus, and I was thinking only of performing the mission without messing up and without getting lost in irrelevant details.

We ended the discussion with a smile, and he reassured us of his desire to ponder this request in the coming weeks, perhaps under the umbrella of the August Break; he added.  It was the beginning of August of the year 2019, and for the first time, I felt the thrill of being an open and aware channel of the glorious energy of the Master Saint Germain.  GLORY to Him.

As soon as the office door was closed, Francesca and I embraced happily, complimenting each other on the outcome of that blessed encounter.  As always, being joyful and positive turned out to be a precious resource for us and a victory in itself.

She had known me well for some years now, and I noticed her gaze stopping for a moment longer, almost to peer inside me.   And her firm voice, "I've never heard you speak like that! What clarity!", also sounded inquiring.

To which I answered in a tone of dismay, "And yes, I thank you.", trying to evade any further questions on it.

She had certainly noticed that something had happened in me, and in the following minutes I saw that every so often she stopped to stare at me with a thinking air.  What a great soul and what keenness that this woman excels in!

I didn't know if it was right to explain, and at that moment I was told not to talk about it.  I limited myself to returning her look with an enigmatic smile and feeling very pleased.

The Order of the Violet Ray

Violet Ray community & Electrical Healing

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Violet Ray Knights


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Violet Ray Devices


They combine the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual energy.  To promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal health, wellbeing and ascension processes.

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What People Say

On December 14, 2020 I received a healing from Toni. It was a distance healing, he in Italy and me in Hawaii. But as we know, the distance was no factor, I felt the healing energy coming through. Early in the session, I was tense and had a lot on my mind and Toni was able to sense this in my energetic field. As the session continued, I could feel the tension dissipate and my body relaxed. Eleven days before this healing I had a meditation with a friend and at the end of the meditation, I could see a portal with a purple flame. I didn’t know what it was or what it meant until today. I saw the portal of purple flame around my energetic body with my inner eye. As I was nearing the end of the healing and coming back to this 3D reality I could still see purple with my eyes closed. I felt very relaxed and very peaceful. Thank you so very much Toni for this amazing and blessed experience! Sending love and light from Hawaii. Mahalo, Marla

Marla, Hawaii

Thank you, Armione! 🙏☀️💖☺️Thank you so much! ☀️💖

Henning. Germany

Thank you so much for the wonderful session we had. I enjoyed our conversation and hearing your great insights. I felt heard and empowered to take the next step on my journey. Thank you very much!

Christelle. USA

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Loving the Master

Namaste, after my spiritual awakening at an early age I have been guided by an Inner Voice to read the book "I AM - The  Impersonal life ". The practicing of those teachings has led me to a more profound knowingness and the direct experience of my inner Self. Years later I was guided to attend a channeling session by Ashamarae Macnamara on that occasion the beloved Master Saint Germain confirmed me his benevolent and loving presence in my life. Many years went by fully dedicated to attaining a deeper level of attunement and self-control through daily:  yoga, meditation, healthy eating, almost secluded life and also still some chronic fatigue syndrome that I had previously developed during my early stage of the awakening. In 2017 again I was guided to receive a channeling by Louise Kay, where the beloved Master announced me that we had developed a strong and ever-present heart connection and invited me to share this energy with everyone else. "...yes, it is time for you to start this work". This website and its sessions are the outcomes of that encounter .... in service to the Great I AM that we all are!

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Questions from the readers

I will answer at my best at your questions received by mail, referring to my personal experience and expressing just my personal opinions and by the way I 'm not English mother tongue.

Michael (USA)

    Q:What did Doctor Jim ( see (https://www.kuthumi-hands.commean by your being a 'close disciple' of Germain?  Do you speak with It?  Does It visit you?  What does your discipleship entail?

A:- to be a close disciple ( or accepted Chela) means that you are at all time  in the Aura of the Master that is a huge responsibility because it  means that He is able to detect your every thought and emotion almost instantly and at the same time you are attuned to his energetic vibration and so you are inspired to think and act in a certain way . Of course always in service to the Great I am and never losing your own inner peace and Mastery. In which case you would be a hinder to the Master radiation more than a useful means of expression for it. ( for more detailed info see the book: "The Chela and the Path" by Ascended Master el Morya)

I've only heard His voice a few times but generally, the Master's presence is perceived within the inner faculties. In fact,  the agenda is not to give you any proof of their presence and in so doing the Masters would affect your "free choice" capability as a human being. What they really aim to is that you may attune to your inner presence to your Higher Self so that you may be an all-encompassing and powerful creator being by yourself without having to ask them for your own liberation. That would not consume your karma or allow your own soul's expansion. I hope that this is expressed clearly enough, we may want to get back to it at a later time, if so you wish.

And so as I said the Master is always present in his energetic body, never in my case, till now, in his precipitated physical body. And He does visit when I call upon his presence by expressing through my awareness of reality.

As a Disciple, I serve the Light that we all are, sometimes I attune the person I came in contact with, to the Master's presence so that they may continue their journey towards the Master and thus their own mastery. In fact, accordingly to the metaphysical teachings, every human being do evolve following his own principal Ray ( see the Seven Ray) and thus attuning him/herself to that particular frequency and that is so consciously or unconsciously. Eventually one can become aware that the directing Intelligence regulating that Ray's pattern of vibration is a sentient being Himself, and that being is an Ascended Master. In our case, apparently, we both are evolving following the Violet Ray (the  7th)  and the Beloved Master Germain is the Cohan ( aka director)  of that Ray. It is like if your soul in order to fulfill itself and achieving liberation and mastery over the physical plane is following this path of knowingness and expansion. The Violet path of forgiveness, truth, ceremony, and freedom. The path of purity and alchemical transmutation in God's will! ^ì^ ever blessings and ever purifying life itself...

Q: It seems like the Ascended Masters appear every generation for a number of years and give a great number of discourses, every generation going back to at least the late 19th century and Madame Blavatsky.  I imagine that Their appearance and discourses are a recurring thing every generation through all of history and that every generation there are humans who achieve Realization and embodied Mastery, would you agree with that, is that accurate, had Germain mentioned anything about that?  

 A: Yes, it appears like many dispensations are being cyclically bestowed upon humanity from the ascended realms in order to help in raising the human consciousness also even often time someone has tried to start an organization based on those teachings, that has resulted in big failures.

In my opinion, that's because True Teachings are directed to the singular consciousness and are to be filtrated through each own discernment. 

As far as if there are humans in history who achieved Realization this is absolutely true and it is stated in the books of the Masters that very often in the past the final realization and ascension had been granted right at the moment of transition to "death". In modern days, the evolution of consciousness will provide more and more cases of alive Embodied Masters or enlightened ones. In fact, a new wave of awakening is at the moment being activated upon our planet.

Q: Actually, it seems like Germain has said more than once that the 'schools', 'retreats' started around the 12th or 13th centuries?  Was that just him, or all the Ascended Masters?  What occurred before then, then?  Was it just sheer Dark Ages for 900 years?

A: The Ascended Masters are organized on a hierarchy based organization called the   Great Brotherhood of light. Thus there are many Masters serving the so-called Divine Plan for the evolution of life on planet Earth. ( There are higher Council of Comic Masters attending the evolution of our  Solar system and so on till reaching the center of the Galaxy and the Universe). One can easily assume that as life is eternal also the Ascended Masters themselves can reach a Higher and higher state of consciousness and in so doing expand their sphere of influences to broader portions of creation). It is the destiny of all soul to eventually gain realization and reach a greater state of consciousness. The question is when will humanity be able to reach that state of advancement and in so doing stop perpetrating so much suffering and disease and lack of abundance? It depends on the willingness of the single man of goodwill that through their own personal evolutions are paving the way and influencing the capability of the masses to grasp this opportunity in the close future.

Now to answer your question, from what it is given to me to understand the Council of Masters decided to open some Mystery Schools in the 12th or 13th centuries but as they realized that men were not ready to further their level of attainment in spirituality all the Schools were gradually all closed. You may think about initial Rosicrucian or Masonry as schools for Being that in time seemed to lose their core message. It is also stated that the trials that those adepts were to go through were way too hard to be passed on and so the Masters decided to retire and to continue influencing the souls' advancement from inner planes ( AKA the Seven Rays, that are constantly radiated to planet earth). It is also made known that a new dispensation granted to man has in this last century made a lot easier for the soul to attain liberation. Master Germain has obtained through the raising in power of the Violet Ray and with the help of his fellow Masters El Morya and Kuthumy ( and many others), to make that possible. In the past, every man has to repay a larger portion of karma while now only 51% is enough to attain liberation and that has been truly helpful for the critical mass to be reached in the awakening process of humanity.
What occurred before such Schools were opened? The level of consciousness was generally too low to permit any real benefit also if there are always been secret societies and Schools guided by advanced souls incarnated in every century. ( You may want to read about Pit-agoras, Hermes, Lao Tsu, Epicurus,  to name a few.)

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