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The machine generate a mild high frequency current through the neon or argon gas filled glass electrode with violet ray light.

High frequency electrotherapy instrument consists of high frequency oscillation circuit and capacitance-resistance and semiconductor devices, fitted with insertable electrode insulated handle and glass electrodes. 

There is a transformers inside the handle, and an electric wire at the side of handle for output the micro current.

When turn on the machine, high frequency oscillation circuit produce high frequency current, makes glass electrode discharge and produce violet ray light.

When skin touch high frequency current, the vascular will alternating contraction and expansion .

Spark electrolysis oxygen from the air and generates ozone , which play the role of bactericidal anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation. High frequency electrotherapy instrument effects reflected as follows: disinfection, treatment of acne,reducing and regulating sebum secretion and metabolism; promote lymph and blood circulation, improving cell regeneration capacity. The heat and vibration effects on the skin a smoothing massage.


 This Violet wands  is truly a high quality facial wand and  is 30W strong power and effective 45 Kv of output and not like many other products in the market that are weaker and much less effective.


. Application :The high frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument.It is through the glass electrode tube to produce high frequency current,andapply to the face,thus achieves the treatment result. 1) eliminates acne and pimples (100% suggestion. effective)2) reduces skin irritation3) Anti-inflammatory (effective)4) skin tightening5) tissue oxygenization6) kills bacteria and virus7) topical application showed effective in healing wounds, promoting hair growth, treating prostate, gingivitis etc Function :1.It helps to calm the nerve and has analgesia function.2.It produces the ozone for sterilization,ca help wound to heal and to restrain pors.3.Improve secretion,the PH value,causes the skin lean to neutrality.4.Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.5.Has the function of anti-aging,anti-wrinkle and tightening.


Operational Principles : ♦ Indirect Method----fit for dry nature skin and aged skin :-Please screw in the glass tube in the hand piece.-Do the massage on face from neck to chin and from visor to forehead. -Please hold the glass tube after touch some talcum powder. Turn on the machine and the electricity will get through. ♦ Direct Method----fit for greasy nature skin :-Please grease essence and cream on the face first and then the hold the metal bar to put the glass tube on face.Turn on the machine. -Massage with the glass tube like "Z" or helix on face, do the treatment as follows, forehead--nose--right side of the face--chin--left side of the face--nose--forehead. ♦ Sparkle Method----fit for wounds, sore and inflammation :-It's normal if there are sparkles coming out while the glass tube touches the face.-Cover the eyes with a piece of the wet cloth patch and touch the face with the glass tube on the part of inflammation. For one time, the treatment should be less than 10 sec. ♦ Hair Care Method----fit for stimulating the skin surface reduing folliculitis and improving the healthy growing of the hair : -Towards the direction of the hair to move the comb tube.-Use the comb tube (together with pilatory is much more better).

Accessories List :  4 piece & Instruction

Technical Parameter :Voltage: 110V/220Vpower: 30w output 45Kv

Violet Ray Wand

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  • Accelerate your Violet Consuming Flame practice by using daily this Tesla's old invention. Violet ray wand from the past to the present.

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